Fic: Playing the Game - Jealousy

Title: Playing the Game - Jealousy
Pairing: CrissColfer. Eh, and a little Klaine.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: Not mine.
Summary: Darren’s going a little crazy, maybe.  But not really.

A/N: Itty bitty part, because I’m not a fan of this emotion. Nor of the boys having it.

Previous parts: 1.Overboard2.Glee3.(Wendy) Darling, 4.Spellbound, 5.On the Rocks, 6.Shower, 7.Cherry, 8.Pink, 9.Chocolate Chip Cookies, 10.Allergies, 11.Off-Screen, 12.Overhear(d), 13.Werewolves, 14.Nerd, 15.Rockstar  


16. Jealousy

Darren barely had time to sleep, so he didn’t get a chance to call as much as he liked too. But the steady stream of texts, photos, and videos from Blaine, Chris, and Joey kept him informed.

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Everything has beauty (Version A)


Everything has beauty (Version A)


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